• Fuxing culture
Management idea
To create value for customers; to provide the stage for the talent; to accumulate wealth for the society
Corporate mission
Let users enjoy the light and beauty
Business policy
In order to expand the market to expand the market, science and technology to lead the market to serve the market
Company spirit
Honesty, pragmatism and innovation
Company service
Service has a price, create priceless
Company target
Make the world's products, create the international brand
Corporate vision
The industry's most, hundreds of years of business
Enterprise value
Product value: the value of light
Talent value: to create the quality of talent, provide the development space
Market values: only continuous service, unlimited market
Behavior values: honesty, the speed of things
Cooperative values: common commitment, create win-win
Corporate responsibility
Contribution to national energy saving and emission reduction
Create profit for business partners
To provide consumers with energy saving, environmental protection, health and quality products